Cross domain and vertical experience.

As far as name dropping is concerned, we work with Fortune 500 and SMEs and have successfully delivered mission critical apps that help our clients either make or save money. Our success, result driven approach, efficiency and quality makes us attractive to clients from various verticals.

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Fortune 500, Governments & SMEs trust us

  • Reputed & trusted software company

    We have won several awards and accolades. Fortune 500, SME and Start-ups trust us with their data, systems and processes.

  • Experience

    10+ years of experience in developing business automation and data integration projects across several verticals.

  • Efficiency - High ROI

    On average, our clients save 20%-25%. This is achieved by using Rapid Application Development (RAD) and open-source libraries.

  • Quality

    Dedicated quality assurance team, industry best practices and peer code review ensure what we deliver is quality software.