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Consulting + Software Development = Faster ROI

Software developed by us 10+ years ago is still a critical component in supporting repairs and maintenance at 20,000+ properties across the UK. We must be doing something right!

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Our approach

We don't just see ourselves as a software development company with highly skilled developers but as business transformation partners with the responsibility to deliver maximum return on our clients' investment. We achieve this by combining our consulting service with our software development process as part of every project. The aim is to design, develop and deliver a software which will last stand test of time while our clients' move along their transformation journey for at least 5+ years. Many of our SME clients credit their exponential growth to our consulting service which is built into every software development project we undertake.

Step 1: We start with your vision for the next 3-5 years

The most important element in any software development project is the understanding of your client's vision. It is imperative that the software development team, including the developers understand why the client is investing in developing a software and how it will support their business processes, products and services. A software project that is a critical part of the client's vision for the next 5+ years needs to be developed as a flexible, adaptable software that will stand the test of time.

Our consulting team works closely with you during the discovery phase to ensure what gets developed will last for years to come.

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Step 2: Analyse your vertical & competition

An important element while developing any bespoke software is to look at the vertical and competition. Any Software developed without taking into account these two factors is bound to deliver poor ROI. Analysing the vertical helps to understand the most common technologies and methodologies in use and competition highlights areas where the software can make a difference.

Our consulting team analyse these two factors and provides a detailed report on the top differentiators which can be included in the software to provide you with a competitive edge against your competition.

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Step 3: Recommend a technology set

Today there are many technologies set (.Net, Java, PHP, SQL Server, Azure, AWS, Linux, etc.) options available that you develop the same software using a variety of these sets. The difference between choosing the right set vs the suboptimal one can have a huge impact on the bottom line. Worst case scenario involves complete write-off of the investment and starting again, not to mention the cost of lost opportunities.

After taking into account several factors about your company, vertical, investments and future plans, our consulting team will recommend the best technology set for the project that will deliver excellent ROI.


Step 4: Support & Hosting

What if someone develops the best software you can ever ask for but needs constant maintenance? What if someone develops software with less features and functions but requires minimal support and maintenance? The choice is not always clear.

Our consulting team works closely with you and the development team to ensure the features and functions requested and developed are not overly ambitious and will require the right amount of support and maintenance delivering exceptional ROI.

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