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Our Azure and AWS certified custom cloud application development services can help you design, develop and run your digital services in the cloud 24x7x365.

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Our Azure & AWS certified custom cloud software development and migration services

Having developed 50+ successful cloud software applications in AWS, Azure and private clouds, we know what it takes to develop a custom cloud based software application on time and to budget. Below are some of the cloud software development services we offer.

Cloud application development services

Our experienced, dedicated and certified team for AWS and Azure will ensure you can maximise all the benefits offered by cloud computing by developing a custom cloud based software application tailored for your business needs. Having developed 50+ cloud apps across AWS & Azure, we know what works and what doesn't and can help you save time and money by eliminating unnecessary risks and components from the cloud technology stack.

cloud software development company

Migration to the cloud - storage, apps, databases & analysis

This involves moving your existing on-premise infrastructure into the cloud. We can help you move your infrastructure, including legacy apps, data, file storage and bespoke business apps, into the cloud without disrupting your day-to-day operations.

app migration service for database and web services

Cloud consulting services

Sometimes it becomes difficult to make an informed decision on choosing between cloud platforms or working out the advantages and disadvantages of on-premise vs cloud migration for your unique setup and processes. With our extensive experience in cloud computing, we can help you make the right decision quickly and effectively.

microsoft azure and amazon aws consulting service

Cloud computing services - reporting and batch processing

Cloud computing services can be very useful for processing large amounts of data for reporting and batch processing. We can help you maximise your return on your cloud investments by optimally configuring cloud computing resources.

Cloud Support & Maintenance - Infrastructure Management

As your business grows, so will your infrastructure in the cloud. Very quickly, a simple cloud setup with basic infrastructure components can turn into a complex web of various services. Without proper management, things can quickly get out of control and hurt your bottom line. We can help you manage your cloud infrastructure by ensuring all components are optimised for cost and performance as per your tailored needs.

cloud support and maintenance

Best of both worlds - On-premise and Cloud Integration

As part of the digitisation journey, sometimes it becomes essential to integrate on-premise applications with services deployed in the cloud. We can help you make the best of both worlds by helping integrate your cloud infrastructure with on-premise digital assets without friction or risk to business continuity.

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Cloud application development - FAQs

A cloud software development company like ours develops and supports software applications designed and developed for popular cloud platforms like Azure, AWS cloud and Google Cloud.

The 3 main advantages of developing cloud software are: 1) Scalability 2) Flexibility and 3) Cost optimisation.

Yes. even though most software developers can develop applications for the cloud, cloud app developers with specialist cloud platform certifications like our team will be able to deliver a much faster return on your investment.

Office 365 apps,, Zoom are some of the most widely recognised cloud software applications. They make full use of unique cloud technologies for flexibility, scalability, security and storage.

No. Sometimes developing an application for cloud platforms requires additional effort and configuration that may not be necessary.

Contact us via email or call us on 0203 951 8737. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

Yes. Flexibility, Scalability and Performance are some of the main benefits of developing a cloud software application.

Not necessarily. The cloud platform ecosystem has many off-the-shelf features and frameworks that can save time during the development and deployment process.

Contact us via email or call us on 0203 951 8737. We will be happy to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote.

In most cases, with the constant addition of new programming languages support in the cloud platforms, it is possible to re-architecture legacy apps for the cloud.

We have developed custom cloud apps for £10,000 to £150,000+. The cost comes down to the effort and complexity of your requirements. A simple cloud application that stores basic customer, sales, and employee details can be developed for £10,000+ whereas a custom SaaS web application development product which supports a large number of users can cost more than £150,000+.

Both Azure and AWS are popular platforms and support several common technology stacks. Like any companies competing with each other, they have subtle differences, which sometimes can impact the cost of developing a cloud app for one specific platform.

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