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Right from simple online forms to complex enterprise-level web applications, our London based team has excellent case studies when it comes to web application development. Contact us today for a free consultation and a quote.

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Our Web Application Development Services

From developing simple web forms that collect and validate data to developing enterprise-level web apps, portals, e-commerce, customer portals and mobile-friendly (responsive) web apps that integrate with line of business applications, we have an enviable track record of developing projects which are on-time and to budget.

Business web application development

We can help you develop a modern and easy-to-use web application for your business. Whether it’s a simple online application to allow your customers to interact with your business or an enterprise-level web application that will enable you to sell your products or services online, our experienced team of web developers can help. With our team's experience in GDPR compliant web application development for UK SMEs, we can also guide you in storing and processing personal and financially sensitive data.

web application development London

Back-Office web apps for your business

Developing web applications for back-office can deliver great dividends by reducing staff workload and manual interventions in day-to-day tasks. We can help you streamline your back-office operations by developing web applications that integrate and automate your business processes. We can also build web applications that connect existing databases and legacy applications to streamline business workflow.

back office web application development

Web development for secure data access

All businesses often rely upon manual paper-based forms and Microsoft Excel files to undertake essential record-keeping and manage client data. As the business grows, the Excel files often become too big to manage, resulting in data duplication, communication gaps, and creating security and technology issues. We can help you convert your manual paper forms and Excel-based services into a simple, easy-to-use web application.

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Web applications to manage jobs and workflow

We have developed several web applications for UK SMEs to automate their job management workflow. One of our web applications helps manage repair jobs for 20,000+ properties with 100+ engineers and 30+ back-office staff. With automatic job assignment and scheduling, the web application also automates payments and helps to maintain 5000+ parts.

job management

Website and web portals development for clients

Having a web portal for customers, employees and partners allows any business to be available for them 24/7/365. Integrating web portals with back-office applications also helps to ensure key business data is readily available via a secure and intuitive user interface.


E-commerce web solutions

We have developed several e-commerce web applications which enable our clients to serve their customers round the clock. Whether its fashion, holidays, consumer goods or another exciting B2C venture we can develop a compelling e-commerce web application along with payment and CRM integration to automate your order-to-cash process.


Web app for mobile (Responsive mobile app development)

Developing a web application that auto-adjusts itself when viewed on a PC or a Mobile device is an excellent way to develop and release a web application that works perfectly on any mobile device. Taking this approach also helps to save investing and maintaining separate versions of the same product across various technology platforms.

responsive web application

Integrated web apps for information dissemination

Developing web applications that integrate with existing back-office applications helps to simplify and streamline data access. Creating an integrated web app allows employees to access all business data from one location and eliminate the need to search and update multiple back-office systems.

integrated web application

How much will our web application development project cost?

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Advantages of Web Application Development

Web application development refers to the creation of applications that are hosted on the internet and accessed through a web browser. These applications can range from simple web-based games to complex business systems that facilitate remote work and collaboration. In recent years, web application development has become an increasingly popular choice for businesses and individuals due to its numerous advantages.

Greater accessibility

One of the main benefits of web application development is that it allows for greater accessibility. With a web-based application, users can access the application from any device with an internet connection, including smartphones, tablets, and laptops. This means that employees can work remotely and access the same tools and information as they would in the office, increasing productivity and flexibility.

Better security

Web application development also offers greater security compared to traditional software. Since web applications are hosted on servers, they are not as vulnerable to security threats such as viruses and malware. In addition, web applications can be built with built-in security measures such as secure sockets layer (SSL) encryption, which protects data transmitted between the application and the user.

Adapt to changes

Another advantage of web application development is the ability to easily scale and adapt to changing business needs. As a company grows and expands, its needs may change, and traditional software may no longer be sufficient. With a web application, it is easy to add new features and capabilities as needed, without the need to install updates on individual devices.

Cost effective

Finally, web application development can be more cost-effective compared to traditional software. With traditional software, businesses must purchase licenses for each device on which the software is installed. This can be expensive, especially for companies with a large number of employees. On the other hand, web applications can be accessed by an unlimited number of users for a fixed monthly or yearly fee, making it a more affordable option in the long run.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You own the IPR. We also do not charge any license fees or mandatory on-going charges.

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Option 1: Fixed price quote

If your requirements are well defined, we will submit a fixed-price quote with a commitment to fixed delivery date. This will ensure you do not have to worry about cost escalations. If required, we can help you define and document your requirements.

Option 2: Time & Material

This pricing model is suitable when requirements are loosely defined to achieve a well-defined end goal. Payments are linked with pre-defined milestones and a project delivery plan to ensure everyone is on the same page.

Option 3: Hire a team

This pricing model suits long-running projects for developing enterprise-level products and SaaS platforms.

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Combining Agile development methodology with opensource libraries allows us to not only keep the development costs low but also deliver projects much faster than our competition.

Yes. We have already developed many web and mobile software applications for UK government and SMEs that store and process sensitive personal and financial data.

Yes. We have plenty of case studies to share, from simple e-forms and databases that capture and store name, address and basic details to complex enterprise-level web applications. Contact us today, and we will be happy to share some case studies.

Yes. We have a dedicated user experience (UI/UX) team that has won several awards for designing simple, easy-to-use web applications.

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