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Why choose us?

From developing simple web forms that collect and validate data to developing enterprise-level web apps, portals, e-commerce, customer portals and mobile-friendly (responsive) web apps that integrate with line of business applications, we have an enviable track record of developing projects which are on-time and to budget.


  • 1) We have been developing bespoke web and mobile software applications for 10+ years
  • 2) Fortune 500, UK Government and SMEs trust us with their data, systems and services
  • 3) Cross-vertical experience - Finance, Logistics, Retail, Education, Childcare, Not-for-Profit, Recruitment, Hospitality, Housing, Manufacturing and many more

Experince in software development

Competitive rates

  • 1) 25% average savings - Development, support, maintenance and hosting
  • 2) Free quotes - transparent pricing - jargon free
  • 3) Various pricing models - Fixed price, Time & Material, Dedicated team

competitive rates for software development

Consultative approach

  • 1) We advise you on every step in the process - from design to delivery
  • 2) Help you choose the right technology and approach for your project
  • 3) Convert complex requirements into easy-to-use software solutions

consultative approach for developing software

End-to-End service

  • 1) In-house teams for Design, Development, Support, Maintenance & Hosting
  • 2) Single point-of-contact entire project life cycle
  • 3) Guidance for GDPR, Data Security and Penetration testing

end to end software development service

Multi-skilled developers

  • 1) Stringent recruitment process - Technical, Psychometric, Logic tests
  • 2) Less than 10% of applicants make the cut
  • 3) Continuous professional development paths for all developers

multi-skilled software developers

Faster delivery

  • 1) We use Rapid Application Development(RAD) tools
  • 2) Make use of opensource technologies for common features
  • 3) Use proven Agile methodology to develop & deliver faster

faster software development and delivery

Multiple technologies

  • 1) Dedicated development for all major technology stacks
  • 2) Support & development for Azure, AWS and Private clouds
  • 3) Active in Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning projects

multiple technologies

Our Approach

Our approach to software development allows us to break your requirements into smaller modules and milestones. This helps to develop and deliver a software application one screen, feature and function at a time. This approach ensures transparency and efficiency and guarantees that what gets delivered is 100% against your requirements.

our process
  • Define: The definition of requirements is the first step in any software development project. However, we understand that sometimes it can be challenging to define the software requirements, especially if the business does not have the relevant skill set. For this reason, we can help you translate your ideas into detailed functional and technical specifications.
  • Design: This is the most crucial step in any software development project. We use a unique visual specification approach to ensure all requirements are clear and simple to understand, without any technical jargon. We also break down complex requirements into smaller modules, features and functions. This helps to simplify the requirements further and creates a solid foundation to kick-start the software development process.
  • Develop: This is the execution stage of the software development process where we allocate experienced software developers with the right skill sets and vertical experience to develop the software's various modules, features and functions. To ensure code quality, we use third-party quality assurance tools, peer code reviews, code commenting, testing and penetration testing to ensure the code works as expected and is also easy to maintain in the future.
  • Demo: Before we release the software in the live environment, our team will arrange an end-to-end demonstration and release it for testing on our development servers. This helps you test the final delivery and have 100% confidence in the software before it gets deployed in the production environment.

Featured Clients

Fortune 500, UK government, SMEs, Not-for-profits and national Charities trust us with their data, systems and processes. You can too!

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Featured case study

web apps case study

National Anti-Bullying program - One of the largest programs in the UK

  • 4500+ UK School
  • 100k+ pupil participation
  • Intelligent data analysis & actionable reports
  • Strict GDPR & data security process
  • Intuitive design & user interface


Case Studies

Selected case studies where bespoke software solutions developed by us have transformed our clients businesses

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Bespoke Software Development Company UK

ncb case study

From requirement definition to support & maintenance, we are a full-stack software development company

  • Dedicated UI/UX team to ensure the design and system flow is intuitive.
  • Project managers and technical architects ensure compliance, security and maintainability.
  • Experienced software developers following industry best practices.
  • Quality assurance & testing teams ensure there are no surprises during go live.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our pricing includes:

  • Code quality assurance – clean code, commenting & documentation
  • Consulting – we share our experiences in developing similar projects
  • UI/UX – modern, simple, intuitive design
  • Quality assurance - testing & QA built into the delivery process
  • Security - penetration testing & GDPR compliance build into the development process

A pricing model to choose every project:

Option 1: Fixed price quote

  • Suitable when requirements are straightforward & well defined (we can help you to define them as well)
  • Developer works exclusively on your project
  • Daily time sheets, monitoring and updates
  • We will assign a dedicated developer from £4.5k per month

Option 2: Time & Material

  • Suitable when requirements are defined at high-level with milestones
  • We will assign suitable Developers, Project managers, Testers (QA), Database & Technical architects as required
  • Payments are linked with pre-defined milestones/goals
  • Agile development methodology to keep all stakeholders in the loop
  • Minimum £10k+ budget

Option 3: Hire a team

  • Suitable for large enterprise level project/products – 12 months+
  • Continuous development & enhancements of featured and functions
  • A dedicated project manager to manage a team of Developers, Database & Technical architects and Server administrators
  • Agile/Scrum development methodology
  • Budget: TBD

  • Examples:

    • A web application with a database to store customers, products, orders can cost between £10k - £30k.
    • A job management system with a back office, scheduling and mobile app for engineers can cost between £20k - £50k

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From developing simple web applications that capture basic details to developing complex financial calculators, mobile apps for in-field engineers and workflow systems that manage and process millions of records and transactions, our team has an enviable track record of developing and supporting business-critical applications.

You own the Copyright/Intellectual Property (IP).

We are a team of 50+ consisting of software developers, project managers, technical architects, quality assurance and support engineers.

Yes. We have already developed many GDPR compliant web and mobile software applications for UK government and SMEs that store and process sensitive personal and financial data.

Yes. From our office in London, we have been fortunate to work with UK SMEs, Fortune 500 companies, Government, Charities and Non-for-Profits across the UK. We have also helped several funded start-ups launch innovative digital products and services for the web and mobile platforms.

Yes. Custom software development is also known as bespoke software development and stands for developing a tailored software application that is customised for your specific needs.

Bespoke software development is the process of developing a custom (aka tailored) software to address a specific set of needs. Businesses and start-ups often commission bespoke software development projects to gain an edge over the competition or launch a new product or service.

What happens next?

  • Step 1: Our team will contact you within 1 business day

  • Step 2: We arrange an initial discussion to learn about your requirements

  • Step 3: Our team will access the scope and come up with options on technology, design & architecture

  • Step 4: We present this back to you along with high-level estimates on costs & timescales

  • All this at no cost to you!