About us

An award winning software development company with a focus on improving business efficiency.

Organisations like DHL, 3M, national charities, Governments and SMEs across the UK rely on software developed by us to perform critical business functions.

From simple e-forms to fully integrated web and mobile applications, we have an enviable track record of developing business software which delivers exceptional value.

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Why Choose Us?


ncb case study - bespoke software development uk


ncb case study - bespoke software development uk


ncb case study - bespoke software development uk


ncb case study - bespoke software development uk

Fortune 500, Governments & SMEs trust us

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In summary we:

  • Specialise in developing bespoke software solutions - web & mobile
  • Are a team of 50+ multi-skilled developers
  • Work with Fortune 500 and SMEs
  • Have won several national and international awards
  • Follow fair and transparent pricing

Our Approach

Our unique ART IT approach combined agile development methodology allows us to breakdown software projects into small sprints and develop each sprint until it is 100% match to your requirement. This not only ensures transparency and efficiency but also guarantees that the software delivered is a perfect fit for your requirements.

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  • Faster delivery: We develop and deliver in an incrementally which allows us to develop and deliver critical features and functions faster
  • Transparency: With client feedback at the centre of all activities, we maintain 100% transparency through the software development process
  • Flexibility: Breaking down a software project into smaller sprints opens up the possibility to introduce features and functions in every sprint with minimal effort
  • Quality: The agile development model allows testing and feedback for every sprint which ensures issue are highlighted and fixed at early stage during the development process
  • Cost control: Agile approach allows the scope of the product and its features are variable, rather than the cost. This ensures cost are always kept under control
  • Engagement: Participation from client and end users ensures all parties are involved at every stage of the development process and remain engaged through the project lifecycle
  • Risk management: Developing the software in smaller increments make every important function and feature visible to the product owner and product team through the development cycle and helps to identify any issues at an early stage making it easier to incorporate changes.


  • Reputed & trusted software company

    We have won several awards and accolades. Fortune 500, SME and Start-ups trust us with their data, systems and processes.

  • Experience

    10+ years of experience in developing business automation and data integration projects across several verticals.

  • Efficiency - High ROI

    On average, our clients save 20%-25%. This is achieved by using Rapid Application Development (RAD) and open-source libraries.

  • Quality

    Dedicated quality assurance team, industry best practices and peer code review ensure what we deliver is quality software.