Bespoke Software Development

Functional Software Prototyping in a matter of days.

Using rapid application development tools, we can develop functional web/mobile software prototypes in a matter of days. This ensures that the end result is a software application which is a 100% match for your requirements.

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What can we do in Software Prototyping?

Developing software prototypes is a Cost-effective way of developing proof-of-concept type software applications when requirements are fluid or pilot runs are required to understand the full impact of the new software. At Schnell, using our integration and automation experience across various verticals and systems, we can quickly convert your ideas into reality by developing software prototypes.

Web app prototypes

Using WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) tools, we can very quickly build a visual web application which demonstrates key features and functions to business stakeholders. Building a prototype also provides an opportunity to amend the final requirements to ensure that the software being developed is 100% fit for your business and avoid costly budget overruns.

Mobile app - minimal viable product (MVP)

Developing a mobile application to test an idea or concept doesn't have to be an expensive and time-consuming process. We can not only use the Cost-effective web (responsive) technology to replicate native mobile features (camera, GPS, contacts, etc.) but also develop native apps for iOS and Android quickly and efficiently.

Data integration

Using specialist business software to address departmental level automation often results in key business data duplicated across various back office applications. We can help you demonstrate the benefits of data integration by developing central data repository solutions which removes data duplication and consistency issues.

The art of the possible

Sometimes it is necessary to push the boundaries of available technology to solve a business challenge. At Schnell, our years of experience in developing cutting-edge software solutions using the latest and greatest technology available puts us in the front seat when it comes pushing the technology boundaries to achieve a business goal. Needless to say, we always welcome a challenge!

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Our Approach: Agile - Flexible - Efficient

Our approach to software development allows us to break your requirements into smaller modules and milestones. This helps to develop and deliver a software application one screen, feature and function at a time. This approach ensures transparency and efficiency and guarantees that what gets delivered is 100% against your requirements.

software development process
  • Define: The definition of requirements is the first step in any software development project. However, we understand that sometimes it can be challenging to define the software requirements, especially if the business does not have the relevant skill set. For this reason, we can help you translate your ideas into detailed functional and technical specifications.
  • Design: This is the most crucial step in any software development project. We use a unique visual specification approach to ensure all requirements are clear and simple to understand, without any technical jargon. We also break down complex requirements into smaller modules, features and functions. This helps to simplify the requirements further and creates a solid foundation to kick-start the software development process.
  • Develop: This is the execution stage of the software development process where we allocate experienced software developers with the right skill sets and vertical experience to develop the software's various modules, features and functions. To ensure code quality, we use third-party quality assurance tools, peer code reviews, code commenting, testing and penetration testing to ensure the code works as expected and is also easy to maintain in the future.
  • Demo: Before we release the software in the live environment, our team will arrange an end-to-end demonstration and release it for testing on our development servers. This helps you test the final delivery and have 100% confidence in the software before it gets deployed in the production environment.

Why choose Us?

From developing simple applications that collect, validate and store basic business data to developing enterprise-level software applications that automate end-to-end business processes across geographical boundaries, we have extensive experience and plenty of case studies to share.

Our experience

We have been developing software applications for Fortune 500 & SMEs for more than 10 years. Many software applications developed by us have won national & international awards for innovation and simplicity. From simple systems to complex ERPs & CRMs, our team has developed 100+ award-winning software applications of several sizes & complexity.

Faster delivery

We use agile development methodology and rapid application development (RAD) toolkits to ensure we are not only able to develop software applications faster but also ensure that gets developed is a 100% match to your requirements. As a result, on average, our clients save 20%-25% on development costs compared with our peers.

Transparent pricing

98% of our clients engage us with a second project within 12 months of going live with the first. One of the main reasons for this is our transparent pricing. All our quotes contain a detailed breakdown of how we have calculated the total effort and break it down by each screen, feature and function. This allows you to verify what we have quoted for and avoid cost escalations at later stages of the project.

End-to-end service

Unlike our competition, we will be with you all the way. It all starts with consulting. We share our experience to guide you in making the right choices on features, functions and technology. During development, our quality assurance process to ensure our code is clean, secure and commented. Once the application is live, we offer support & maintenance along with hosting and monitoring.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. You own the IPR. We also do not charge any licence fees or mandatory ongoing charges.

You will find our pricing very competitive and focused on reducing your total cost of ownership. We make full use of rapid application development toolkits to lower the development effort and follow industry best practices to ensure support & maintenance are also minimal.

Pricing Details

Yes. We have already developed many web and mobile software applications for UK government and SMEs that store and process sensitive personal and financial data.

12+ Years of Industry Experience

Team of 50+

Spread across, UK, USA & India with diverse Technology, Development & Consulting experience.

70+ Successful Projects

Web Apps, Cloud, Portals, Databases, CRMs, Mobile Apps, Workflow, Data Integration, more...

Cross Vertical Experience

Aviation, Logistics, Retail, FMCG, Government, Healthcare, Pharma, Not For Profit, more...

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