Business Intelligence

Real-time visibility to take actions when it matters the most.

We can implement business intelligence solutions that deliver real-time visibility on key performance indicators, pro-active alerts and identify resource constraints before they start to impact the bottom line.

What can we do in Business Intelligence?

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Schnell develops business intelligence for revenue forecasting

  • Integrate legacy applications with line of business systems to for 100% visibility for all key business processes and events
  • Pro-active alerts and warnings for SLA compliance using configurable business rules
  • Monitoring of KPIs to identify resource constraints in real-time
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What can we do in Process Intelligence

We can develop process intelligence solutions that monitor critical business processes, data and IT assets to ensure your business runs at 100% efficiency 24/7/365.

Analyse the history

We can help to unlock the true value of your business data stored across various internal and external systems, databases and off-the-shelf software applications. Using our expertise in integration, we extract key business, customer, financial and employee data from heterogeneous back office and present it back to the business using simple, easy to understand graphs and charts.


Monitor in real-time

We can help you to keep a tab on the pulse of your business by monitoring all key performance indicators (KPI) and highlight potential bottlenecks before they start to impact the bottom line. We can also develop and integrate tailored business rules which continuously monitor all key business processes for potential SLA violations and notify the relevant departments to take corrective actions.

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Identify trends

We can help your business become more pro-active by developing tools that not only integrate data stored across disparate systems and applications but also you identify trends in your business by establishing relationships between them visualising the impact they have on each other.

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