Proof of Concept

Pushing technology boundaries to solve business challenges.

We not only keep up-to-date with latest and greatest in the software world but also have a proven track record in coming up with creative ways to apply existing technology to solve complex business challenges.

What can we do in Proof of Concept?

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poc case study

Proof of concept to demonstrate integration with AutoCAD

  • Custom API module using .NET & XML to communicate with AutoCAD
  • Web portal for capturing and validating data all required for rendering 2D and 3D engineering drawings
  • Display the AutoCAD 2D & 3D drawings to users via standard browser
  • POC completed within 10 man days
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What can we do in Proof of Concept

Our unique ART IT approach combined with our varied experience in developing a range of web and mobile applications, ensures we are second to none when it comes to proof of concepts.

Test the idea & concepts

Whether it is a mobile app to disrupt the market or a proof-of-concept software to demonstrate business automation and integration value, we can help. By making use of rapid application development tools and platforms, we can quickly and efficiently translate your ideas and concepts into working software prototypes.


Integration without APIs

We have plenty of examples where we have come up with out of the box solutions to integrate with back office applications which did not have any APIs or were too expensive. By developing custom integration modules, we have helped several businesses unlock their key business data locked in software applications without any connectors or application programming interfaces (APIs).


Mobile and IoT

Our diverse experience in various verticals for developing connected software solutions which run on the mobile, tablets and PCs gives us a head start when it comes innovative mobile and IoT solutions. From simple mobile, IoT and back office connectors to disconnected (offline) solutions for 1000s of devices, we can help you get maximum returns by using proven technology solutions.


Generating value from business data

We excel in integrating disparate applications and data. We can help you to unlock the hidden value stored in your business data by implementing smart analytics and entity relationships to identify trends and enter new markets.