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Simple projects can be developed in a few weeks. Projects involving complex workflow and business logic require an experienced team of project managers, architects, developers and testers.

Pricing models

You will find our pricing very competitive and focused on reducing your total cost of ownership. We make full use of rapid application development toolkits to lower the development effort and follow industry best practices to ensure support & maintenance are also minimal.

Fixed priced model

Under this model, as the name suggest we submit a formal fixed price quotation that details everything we will develop for a fixed price. This model is suitable when the requirements are well defined and straightforward. If you do not have them documented, that’s ok, our senior management team of software consultants can help you define them.

fixed price softwrae development

Time & Materials model

This model is suitable when the requirements are loosely defined but the end goal is clear. This gives you the agility to add and edit additional features and functions as per demands made by the end users of the senior management team. You can also use this model if the development involves partially defined features and functions as it gives you the flexibility to divert resources to specific areas when required.

back office web application development

Milestone based model

As the name suggests, this model divides a project into smaller pre-defined tangible milestones or steps. Each milestone consists of several features and functions that help to achieve a business objective. A payment schedule is also linked with these milestones, minimising risk and ensuring the development stays on track.

secure web application design service

Dedicated team model

Under this model, we allocate a dedicated team with a specific technology skill set and vertical experience. Depending upon your requirements, you can use this model to fill gaps in your team during busy periods or outsource your entire IT division to us to take care of all your software, infrastructure and support needs.

job management

Let's discuss which model is right for your project?

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