Integrate Silos - Data, Systems & Information

Improve business agility and maximise performance.

Speed-up manual tasks and processes by allowing employees, customers and applications to access key data stored across disparate databases, spreadsheets, line of business applications and departmental silos.

What can we do in Integrating Silos?

Featured case study

Hospitality client breaks departmental silos for business intelligence and reporting

  • Integrated three disparate applications running in the cloud to create single-customer-view
  • Single user interface to integrate disparate back office applications
  • Reduced waiting times for reports and KPIs from days to seconds
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What can we do in Integrating Silos

We can develop smart applications that integrate, systems and information stored in disparate applications and system silos that inhibit efficiency and growth.

Single customer view

We can develop single customer view apps that collect data from various disparate applications and empower frontline employees with real-time information on customer orders, complaints, requests, etc. to offer personalised products and services.


End-to-End visibility

We can help you to monitor and maintain end-to-end visibility on all key business processes and key performance indicators (KPIs) by integrating disparate back office applications. In situations where business tasks, activities and processes are spanned across departments and geography, we can implement complex event processing algorithms to detect performance anomalies and exceptions in real-time by connecting the dots across back office applications.


Seamless flow of data and documents

We can help to create a central repository of all key business data by integrating disparate back office applications such that any change made to the data is automatically reflected through the organisation. This will not only reduce the data duplication effort but also ensure data consistency.