Real-time collaboration & process-focused integration.

Digitise business data & processes to facilitate enterprise-wide collaboration & knowledge sharing using SharePoint.

What can we do in SharePoint?

Featured case study

Education portal reduces training cost for London Council

  • Self-service training and development portal to keep 1000+ internal users up-to-date with developments
  • Integration with document management system for seamless access to training materials
  • Intuitive user interface to improve employee participation

How can we help with SharePoint

We offer a wide range of services for SharePoint. Our team of Microsoft certified developers and consultants can help with consulting, process integration, collaboration, standardisation, workflow, knowledge management, etc.

Intranet - Web portals

We can develop interactive & integrated Intranet web portals in SharePoint to eliminate departmental silos by empowering employees to collaborate and share business data. By making the best possible of SharePoint’s out-of-the-box features, we can help you to centralise and disseminate news, events, policies and procedures to employees and partner organisations.

Digitisation & Document Management

We can help you maximise your SharePoint investment by implementing and integrating document management and digitise manual tasks and processes. Using SharePoint’s ability to integrate with all popular documents formats like Word, Excel, PDF, Visio, etc. we can help your employees share and collaborate in real time.

Customisation & Web apps

We can develop tailored SharePoint apps that integrate with other line of business applications and help you maximise your investment in SharePoint.