Bespoke Software Development

Business intelligence & Revenue forecasting

Integrate data & departmental silos, KPIs, Custom business rules, Complex financial calculator, Alerts


The challenge

Acentic, a global leader in hotel TV and hospitality technology for over 30 years, wanted to develop a SMART business intelligence and revenue forecasting solution which would bridge the data and system silos that existed within the organisation. Key challenges were:

  • Integrate without APIs - Legacy business apps did not have any available APIs
  • Develop configurable rules engine to identify, filter and process data based on pre-defined parameters
  • Incorporate complex formulas to forecast revenue
  • Highlight anomalies and exceptions by reconciling transactions across disparate applications
the challenge

The solution

We worked closely with the project manager to conduct a detailed audit of all key business processes and the various business applications used to support the same. We then worked closely with the finance department to understand their unique forecasting requirements and identified the various legacy business applications and data required to develop a SMART business intelligence solution.

The end result was a SMART BI solution which integrated disparate legacy business applications. One of the key challenge was the unavailability of APIs to extract required data, which was solved by developing re-usable 'read-only' data access layer, which would continue to benefit future projects.

The benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of all key performance indicators
  • Establishing relationships and linking between data objects across back office applications provides 100% business process visibility
  • Script based alerts help to problematic processes and tasks before they impact SLAs
  • Scheduled reports provide consistent and regular feedback to all teams