Database Development

We specialise in designing bespoke databases which act as the central repository for business data and making it accessible via intuitive web interfaces and APIs.

Our expertise in Database Development

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Schnell develops bespoke database to capture 1 million data points

  • Custom database design helps to simplify and streamline data collection
  • Digitising data allows personal information to be encrypted
  • Storing structured data at a granular level allows generating charts and graphs for actionable insights
  • Data can be shared with 3rd party anonymously
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Our expertise in Database Development

Over the years, we have successfully developed several database projects. Right from developing simple database applications which store customer, sales, employee and financial data to developing databases that underpin enterprise level web and mobile applications, we have plenty of success stories here.

Custom database development

Whether you can looking to develop a custom database to optimise a particular business process, department or digitise your entire business, Schnell can not only help to design and develop the database but also develop the supporting user interfaces and APIs to manage the same.

custom database

Simplify and secure data access

Having your key business data scattered across various departments, folders, servers, spreadsheets and documents is not only inefficient but also increases the risk of data breach. Developing a database can not only help to digitise the business data but also helps to implement various security controls necessary to protect and limit sharing of sensitive data.

secure data

Business insights - KPIs & MIS

Schnell can help you to maximise the benefits of digitising your business data by developing charts and graphs to monitor key performance indicators. Storing data at a granular level in a database also enables to establish relationships between various business entities and monitor trends. This can help the management team to make important financial andfinancial and strategic decisions.


Data quality, consistency and multiple data entry.

Data inconsistency can be very expensive when the business needs to make quick informed decisions. Schnell can help to address data quality and consistency issues by developing a master database and corresponding programming interfaces (APIS) to ensure all line of business systems can access the same.


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