Bespoke Software Development

Database & Web Portal for national Anti-Bullying programme

Bespoke database design, Self-service web portal, Intuitive user interface, Data analysis - Charts & Graphs, Role-based security and data access

The challenge

National Children's Bureau (NCB), a UK charity which champions the cause of wellbeing and protects the interest of children and young people, wanted to develop a bespoke database and web portal to generate actionable insights on bullying behaviour across all schools in the UK. The key challenges were:

  • To develop a simple, easy-to-use national web platform & database which would help all UK schools to collect and report on anti-bullying data
  • Increase school participation by implementing self-service functions to keep onboarding cost as low as possible
  • Provide national, regional and local comparisons and trends for actionable insights
the challenge

The solution

Schnell developed a low-cost, low-maintenance self-service web (online) portal which would act as a national framework for collecting structured data on bullying across all UK schools.

To ensure that the project was implemented successfully and it delivered exceptional value, Schnell combined its ART IT © (Applying the Right Technology) approach with WYSIWYG prototyping. This allows NCB to involve schools, programme experts and end-users at every stage during the development life cycle and ensure the end product was an exact match for requirements.

To ensure 100% participation from children, we developed the web portal to conform with the W3C AA guidelines so that children with Special Education Needs and Disabilities (SEN/D) could use it independently.

Apart from meeting all objectives, because of Schnell’s unique ART IT approach, NCB was able to incorporate extra features and functions without budget overruns.

The benefits

  • 1 million+ data insights collected within 6 months
  • Collecting data from 100k+ children made it one of the largest national study into Bullying in the UK
  • Instant access to actionable insights allowed schools and administrators to identify problem areas quickly and implement corrective measures
  • Significantly reduces training and data collection cost by ensuring the web portal could be accessed via any device with an Internet connection without any additional hardware or software investment
  • Having a national web portal opened up revenue generating opportunity by attracting sponsorships and subscription based use from other charities

What did the client say?

"Schnell Solutions have been very easy to work with and have kept in touch with us all along the way. Our project was so complicated that other companies had turned us down but Schnell took it on and met all our requirements including all the unexpected ones we hadn’t thought of!."

Ms.Martha Evans - Programme manager