Bespoke Software Development

Start-up to industry leader in 12 months

A case study on how Schnell integrated Eclipse recruitment software, VOIP call statistics and other back-office applications to improve profitability and motivate staff.

The challenge

RM Medics, a leading healthcare recruitment provider, based in Bedfordshire and operating across the UK wanted to gain a competitive edge by offering their management team a real-time view on staff and departmental KPIs like vacancies, bookings,compliance, timesheets, etc. The key challenges were:

  • Deliver real-time reporting on staff, teams, departments & and client performance matrix
  • Tailored alerts for internal and external KPIs for the management team
  • Establish relationships between various business entities and monitor their performance
  • Integrate disparate back office applications - Develop bespoke dashboards which combine data from various back-office applications and link them with KPIs using charts & graphs
the challenge

The solution

Following a detailed audit of disparate back-office applications (Eclipse recruitment software, Excel sheets, VOIP telephone system, etc.), how the data was recorded and understanding the relationships that connected the various data entries, we developed number of individual business intelligence wallboards that focused on particular departments, teams and KPIs.

Each individual wallboard relied on a common integration interface to extract data from back office applications and present it to end users via simple, easy-to-understand user interface. Guided by our ART IT © approach, we used open-source technologies to keep software licensing and maintenance costs to a minimum.

Apart from the ability to monitor business KPIs, we also implemented script based KPIs & SLA monitoring which helped the management team to proactively reallocate company resources and ensure compliance across all departments and processes.

The benefits

  • Real-time monitoring and feedback loop created an environment of self-governance and motivation amongst staff
  • Freed the management team from daily reporting & monitoring
  • proactive alerts to allow the management team to identify issues before they impact the KPIs
  • Establishing relationships and linking between data objects across back office applications provides 100% business process visibility
  • Daily email reporting allows the senior management team to focus on business strategy & growth

What did the client say?

"Working with Jignesh, Priyank and everybody at Schnell has been a thoroughly enjoyable experience, all of our requirements were met, some of which we thought might be impossible to achieve. Schnell takes pride in what they do and are professional along the way. Their care prior to work being carried out, during and after is unrivalled."

Mr.Roberto Facchiano - Managing director