Bespoke Software Development

Proof of concept - AutoCAD Integration

Develop and integrate bespoke web portal with AutoCAD to generate and render 2D & 3D output


The challenge

A well-known company at the forefront of designing and manufacturing industrial bakeware solutions in the UK wanted to shorten the sales cycle for their customers by using latest web technology to simplify the ordering process. The key challenges were:

  • Develop a simple, easy to use web portal to guide customers through the ordering process
  • Incorporate validations to ensure all data supplied by the customers fall within pre-defined guidelines
  • Enable one-click repeat order
  • Render the 2D & 3D output from AutoCAD to the customer for final validation before final orders
the challenge

The solution

POC solution

We developed a fully integrated web portal capable of customer account management, order management and Workflow to ensure consistency and transparency in every order. Integration challenge with AutoCAD was solved by developing a re-usable API component which translated the data captured via the web portal into an AutoCAD friendly format. The generated output from AutoCAD, 2D & 3D images was rendered via the standard browser.

After successfully demonstrating the business value of the proof-of-concept to the sales and management team, we built additional features and functions so that the same can be used in a production environment.

The benefits

  • Removed AutoCAD skill barrier for customers
  • Workflow and online validations helped to shorten the sales cycle eliminating errors at source
  • Customer account management helped to implement 'One-click' repeat ordering
  • Web portal ensured customers could access the software from virtually any device with an Internet connection
  • Rendering of 2D & 3D output from AutoCAD ensured instant feedback and visual validation for the order