Online Portals

Make your business accessible 24/7/365 for customers, partners and employees.

We can develop self-service web portals to allow customers, partners and employees to interact with your business from anywhere, using any device, 24/7/365.

What can we do in Online Portals?

Featured case study

ncb case study

Schnell develops online portal for Schools to tackle bullying in UK Schools

  • Cost-effective solutions for 100s of Schools to collect and report data on bullying
  • Share and compare performance across Schools, region and county
  • Online portal includes ability to generating charts and graphs for actionable insights
  • Data can be shared with 3rd party anonymously
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What can we do in Online Portals

We can develop interactive online portals and content management systems to ensure customers, partners and employees are always kept up to date on news, events, training, products release, etc.

Customer & Partner - online portals

We can extend the availability of your product and services on any device used by your customers and partners by developing online web portals. We can also integrate the portal with your back office applications to ensure you are always available for business.

customer portal

Intranet portals

Developing Intranet portals and web apps which are accessible to employees goes a long way in improving employee engagement. We can develop Intranet web portals which act as a central business repository for all company and product-related information viz. events, training, product releases, etc.

intranet portal

Data & Workflow portals

We can develop an interactive and intelligent online portal that centralises all key business data and workflow related information to empower employees with all the information they need to carry out their jobs in the most efficient manner. Having a centralised online portal also makes it easier to implement data access and security controls by implementing data authorisation and authentication.

data and workflow