Digitising local government services & Integrating data silos

E-forms, Data validation, CRM integration, Bespoke database, Re-usable components.


The challenge

Medway Council, a unitary local government authority providing a range of services was looking to improve the way it interacts with citizens by digitising its back office operations and making them available 24/7/365 via its website. The key challenges were:

  • Design a common architecture to support wide variety of digital services
  • Integrate with disparate line of business applications and department specific Workflow
  • Integrate with CRM to update master data and single customer view
  • Identify and develop re-usable components

The solution

We worked closely with Medway's internal ICT team responsible for supporting disparate back office applications and came up with a generic architecture capable of digitising and supporting all council services.

To ensure maximum flexibility, each council service was developed as an individual application. All data validation and integration services and programming interfaces were provided via re-usable application programming interfaces (APIs), which help to shorten the development time and reduce maintenance costs.

Not only did we successfully deliver digitisation of services on-time and to budget but our recommended architecture was used as a template for digitisation of other internal services.

The benefits

  • Real-time monitoring of all key performance indicators
  • Establishing relationships and linking between data objects across back office applications provides 100% business process visibility
  • Script based alerts help to problematic processes and tasks before they impact SLAs
  • Scheduled reports provide consistent and regular feedback to all teams