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Real-time operation intelligence – KPI dashboards

  How many times have we all gone through the anxiety of opening our report Read More

Real-time operation intelligence – KPI dashboards



How many times have we all gone through the anxiety of opening our report card, whether at school, university or work!

In spite of going through the same anxiety year after year, epically during our education, it is very difficult to believe that we still live in a world where we get report cards ‘After’ the activity/task/plan has been executed. This leaves a very little room (if not any) to give us any chance of doing things differently to have a positive impact on that report card.

Having worked in the IT industry for 15+ years, we still see so many examples where companies and management fail to invest in KPI dashboards which are very accurate in predicting what the Report Card will look like in a few months/quarter and remove the anxiety of opening the same.

One of the challenges faced for implementing KPI dashboards is to implement is the ability to extract data from disparate applications because of cost and technical feasibility challenges. What many businesses fail to realise is that technology has come a long way and there is more than one way of extracting data from the back office applications and it doesn’t have to be expensive. Sometimes developing a bespoke software application that can read a CSV export file is enough which can be developed with very little effort and investment.

One of our clients in the healthcare vertical adopted this approach and it helped them grow from a 10-man company to 50+ employees within a span of 2 years. One of the major contributing factors to this growth was the availability of bespoke KPIs dashboards in real-time. Instead of waiting for the employee and company report card at the end of each quarter and then implementing the required measures, the bespoke KPI dashboards allowed the management team to identify any issues and proactively fix them, before they had any chance of impacting the report card.

Schnell Solutions Limited is a software development company that specialises in developing bespoke web and mobile software applications. Over the years, we have developed several bespoke software applications and KPI dashboards which help our customers reduce costs and improve operation efficiency. If you want to learn more about bespoke KPIs dashboards and how they can help your business, please get in touch and we will be happy to help.