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Looking for a reliable web portal development company for your business?

Your business maintains valuable information that is often shared with clients, vendors, and staff. To Read More

web portal development services company
web portal development services company

Looking for a reliable web portal development company for your business?

Your business maintains valuable information that is often shared with clients, vendors, and staff. To ensure this data remains private and secure, you need to create a robust website which can be accessed access via password or logins to control access to data and sensitive business and commercial information. Our team of experienced developers can help.

Our bespoke web portal development services

self service web portals

Self-Service Web Portal Development

Self-service web portals often involve developing online software application which allows customers, partners or employees to access the information they need and interact with your business. We can develop secure, easy-to-use web portals that allow your customers to place orders, and access your products and services online.

data and document sharing in the cloud

Web Portals for sharing documents and data

Many times it becomes necessary to share important business documents with customers, partners and employees. Relying on traditional file-sharing technologies like OneDrive and Dropbox is not sufficient as they offer very little configuration and control. We can develop a bespoke web portal that will allow you to control access to company documents based on user types, roles and data contained within the document.

web portal for customers

Customer web portals

After the Covid pandemic, customers all over the world are demanding better and faster access to the products and services. We can develop web portals for your customers to upload documents, check their order status, download invoices, place orders, make online payments, check stock and interact with your business 24 x 7 x 365.

intranet web portal

Information and Intranet portals

Intranet web portals are often developed to streamline back-office operations and automate workflow by reducing reliance on manual tasks. We can develop internal web portals for business using off-the-shelf technologies like SharePoint or develop bespoke web portals that are tailored to your specific needs.

collaboration web portal solution

Web portals for collaboration

We can develop web portals that promote collaboration across your business by automating and integrating data, systems and processes. Employees can collaborate on creating a document, fulfilling a customer order, sending documents to customers, requesting information from partners or updating other team members and departments, we can develop a tailored web portal for your business.

document management web portal

Document management web portals

This is the most common type of web portal. When a company grows, so does the trail of documents for customers, partners, and employees. In the absence of a web portal for document management, businesses often find themselves in a situation where they have multiple versions of the document scattered across storage locations, emails and individual employee laptops. We can develop document management web portals to not only organise document storage and management but also maintain the latest version along with role-based access.

compliance web portal

Web portals for compliance

Often many businesses struggle to keep a proper record of policies and procedures their employees need to follow to stay compliant with industry-specific regulations. We can develop web portals that ensure all processes and employees in your business follow the correct pre-defined procedures along with maintaining a clear audit trail of each action and step were taken by the team.

business process automation

Business Process Automation Web Portal

We have developed many web portals for our clients that help them automate their back-office operations. From simple e-forms to complex workflow automation, document scanning, OCR and bespoke databases, we have developed several portals for business process automation. Our team can use off-the-shelf technologies as well as develop custom solutions to suit your needs.

elearning web portal development

eLearning portals

We have developed several eLearning portals for the education vertical for SMEs in the UK. eLearning web portals developed by are used across 10,000+ schools to help children improve their numeracy and physical education. We have also won several awards for developing simple, easy-to-use web portals that require minimal training.

b2b web portal development company

B2B portal project development

B2B stands for ‘Business to Business. A B2B web portal is developed to facilitate seamless communication and sharing of business data between partners, distributors and customers. We can develop bespoke B2B portals for your business to manage stock, process payments, track orders and shipments, manage invoices and delivery notes and implement barcode scanning and OCR solutions.

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What is a web portal?

The word ‘Portal’ means a gateway, an entrance or a doorway. A Web Portal is online software (like a website) that brings together information from various sources (database, files, images, text, etc.) and presents it to the users in a simple, easy-to-navigate format. For example, the NHS website can be viewed as a web portal for citizens to promote self-service for simple diagnosis and remedies for common illnesses. Wikipedia definition can be found here.

How much does it cost to develop a web portal?

The cost of developing a web portal depends upon the complicity of the requirements. A simple web portal with a few pages can be developed for £5,000 whereas a complex web portal that requires a database, and workflow can cost more than £50,000

We want integration between our intranet portal and back-office business systems. Can you help?

Yes. Many of the web portals developed by us integrate with several back-office applications including databases and 3rd party software applications. Contact us for a free consultation and quote.

Do you offer web portal design and development services?

Yes. We have a dedicated design team that will ensure the web portal we develop is not only in line with the branding guidelines of your company but also user-friendly and easy to use. Contact us today and we will be happy to share some case studies and sample web portals developed by our team.

Will you offer tech support after development?

Yes. We offer tech support to all our clients. We also offer support, maintenance and hosting services to ensure our clients have complete peace of mind and have a single point of contact.

What programming languages do you use to develop web portal projects?

The choice of the technology depends upon the requirements. Our team is experienced in SharePoint and .NET technologies to develop web portals.

What is your design process for developing web portals?

We start all web portal development projects with an initial consultation. This allows us to learn more about your requirements and understand your vision for the next 3 to 5 years. Based on our findings, we recommend a couple of options to choose from which may involve using off-the-shelf technologies like SharePoint or designing and developing the web portals from scratch.