WYSIWYG Software Prototyping

WYSIWYG Software Prototyping and the benefits of this approach for software development

WYSIWYG Software Prototyping


Ask any bespoke software designer or developers what WYSIWYG stands for and they will tell you that is an acronym it stands for ‘What You See Is What You Get’. It is a very effective way of demonstrating to someone what the end result will look like when you are trying to explain a complex set of requirements. Needless to say we all reach for a pen and paper when things start to get interesting while discussing/explaining which has lots of interconnected parts and sections.


The main reason we naturally do this is because as humans, we naturally respond better to pictures rather than words. Just by looking at a picture, we understand more in a very short span of time that we would spend reading. It’s no surprise when we see children’s books full of images and pictures because it holds their attention and help them understand what is being said. So, what if WYSIWYG concept can be applied to software development? What if we can show the end user how the bespoke software will look once finished and what menus, buttons, etc will they have to interact with the same. As they say a picture speaks a thousand words, there is nothing better for the end user to see how their software will look and behave.


Today there are many tools available to software developers whereby they can not only design the software screens using whiteboards but, with very little effort, can actually develop ‘sudo’ software applications which are nothing but WYSIWYG screens without the technical details being it. This not only helps the software developers demonstrate their understanding the client’s requirements but also helps to make any changes at a very early stage and avoid any expensive modifications which might be required at a later date.


At Schnell, we adopt this approach for all our software development projects. Whether we are designing a simple bespoke web application or we are developing a CRM with lots of modules and mobile app extensions, we always take the WYSIWYG approach to ensure the bespoke software being developed and delivered is always an exact match for our client’s requirements.


If you have a complex software requirement or would like to develop a software prototype to see if the solution will fit your business needs, we would be happy to help!