Bespoke Software Development

Mobile app improves customer satisfaction & information dissemination

iOS and Android business app, back office integration, real-time information dissemination and two-way communication.

The challenge

A leading provider of childcare services in London, UK was facing a business challenge of differentiating itself in a highly competitive market and improving capacity utilisation across its 9 sites located within the M25 region. The key challenges were:

  • Differentiate service offering in a highly competitive market
  • Improve engagement with parents and staff
  • Free up staff time
  • Target missed revenue – early drop offs & late pickups
  • Increase admissions and improve staff-to-child ratio
the challenge

The solution

We developed a bespoke mobile app, TinyTweets, which allowed the staff at 9 sites to convert paper-based recording of child’s daily activities into digital format via its intuitive user interface. Capturing data digitally also allowed them to generate monthly reports on each child’s development and adjust their activities accordingly.

The fully integrated web portal and parent’s mobile app, allows parents to view their child’s daily activities in real time. This also helped to reduce the queue during pick-up times where parents had to wait to speak with staff to get an update on their child’s activities for the day.

As the mobile app allowed staff to record sign-in and sign-out timings accurately, this allowed the management team to generate automatic billing for late-pickups, which in-turn increased revenue and comply with OFSTED staff-to-child ratio at all times.

Overall, the mobile app for parents, staff and web portal helped the client shorten the time required for handovers by 40% and helped to increase revenue by 20%.

The benefits

  • The mobile apps for staff and parents deliver a saving of £100k+ per annum
  • Increased revenue – optimised capacity utilisation
  • Using latest technology helped to reduce employee turnover by improving employee engagement
  • Increased parent satisfaction and engagement via simplified data access and self-service web portal and mobile apps on the Android and iOS platforms
  • Simplified OFSTED compliance automating the audit requirements for key processes and procedures