Bespoke Software Development

Tharstern Print MIS integration

Cloud-based solution for automating product sampling workflow process by integrating Tharstern, print MIS for a print marketing company.


The challenge

BKT wanted to create a seamless online platform for their clients to self-manage their print and sampling campaigns. The key to success was creating a simple, easy-to-use platform that also integrates with Tharstern, a leading software for print marketing companies. After evaluating several companies, BKT chose Schnell for its experience in developing web applications that integrate with other back-office applications via APIs. The main objective was to develop a simple, easy-to-use web application that would allow BKT clients to self-manage their product sampling campaigns for well-known international brands.

the challenge

The solution

Schnell began by developing a prototype of the final solution. This allowed all parties to visualise and experience the online platform before even it was developed and allowed BKT to make several essential adjustments to the design and workflow, which otherwise would have taken twice as long to implement.

To ensure flexibility, Schnell developed several configurable features that allowed BKT to modify SLA for particular campaign types, configure dispatch trackers, automatic CSV upload and validation, stock management, and integrate with customer social media data streams.

The benefits

  • A self-service platform for clients to manage their campaigns
  • Real-time Tharstern integration via APIs
  • Automatic validation & status updates on campaign KPIs
  • Fully compliant with ISO & GDPR requirements
  • Charts & Graphs to keep track of all campaigns
  • Custom workflow for exceptions and escalations
  • Email alerts for KPI & SLA