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Pharmaceutical company maximise marketing ROI using bespoke Mobile App

CRM integration, Social Media integration, Real-time sales pipeline view

The challenge

A leading multi-national Pharmaceutical company wanted to maximise return on their marketing events investments by empowering the company staff with a bespoke mobile app that provided them with up-to-date information on every customer and prospect visiting their marketing booth. Some of the key challenges were:

  • Displays all key data for every attendee on a single mobile screen
  • Integrate with back office applications including CRM system in real-time
  • Automatically identify and highlight high-value clients and prospects based on information from CRM
  • Integrate social media APIs to provide a complete picture of the customer and prospects
the challenge

The solution

We developed a fully integrated bespoke Android mobile application to connect sales and marketing representatives at events with real-time data stored in clients CRM and other back office applications. To provide a seamless experience for customers and prospects, we incorporated NFC capabilities so that all attendee details can be loaded onto the mobile app by simply tapping their NFC-enabled cards onto the Android tablet. For security and compliance, the app was designed not to store any data locally, and all communications with the back-office applications were via encrypted connection.

Overall the app received rave reviews from management and the marketing teams across the globe.

The benefits

  • Identify decision-makers and VIPs to adjust the pitch and content in real-time
  • Social media integration allows 360-degree view for every customer along with their latest interactions, comments and concerns recorded in the CRM
  • Empower employees with accurate information to make informed discussions with customers and prospects
  • Automatically push all leads in CRM along with a detailed audit of all conversations for follow-up

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