Retail Audit Software - Identify optimal in-store variables to maximise sales & brand visibility.

A fully integrated back office and mobile app to measure, quantify and audit in-store variables (POS, Fixtures, Displays, Pricing, Promotions, Positioning, Competition, etc.) along with sales data integration to maximise sales and brand awareness.

The challenge

A well-known UK retail audit company with 25+ years of experience in the FMCG vertical, wanted to differentiate its retail audit service. The main objective was to develop the ability to identify optimal mix of in-store variables for maximising sales and brand visibility for their clients.

After evaluating several off-the-shelf software products and platforms which offered limited flexibility and customisation, they decided to develop a tailored software application which would encompass audit and compliance check for in-store merchandising, promotions, point of sale, loss-prevention, branding, displays and pricing. One of the key challenges was the ability to link disparate sales data with store and geographical area to identify the optimal in-store mix which delivers maximum ROI.

  • Ability to create flexible campaigns for auditing and measuring in-store operations and their impact on sales
  • Incorporate a simple, flexible points-based scoring mechanism to generate 'scorecards' for stores and field agents to ensure consistency in measurement
  • Highlight the optimal mix of in-store variables which deliver maximum ROI and ability to replicate the same across other stores
  • Highlight problem areas and notify the relevant team
  • Validate field execution and accountability to brand standards
  • Capture images and videos to complement structured data
  • Encourage competition between teams and stores
the challenge

The solution

retail case study image

Working closely with various user groups and the management team, Schnell developed a fully integrated web and mobile application which would allow the client to commission virtually any type of retail audit. The template-based architecture allowed the back-office users to create flexible and dynamic multi-brand/retailer/location campaigns by simply following on-screen instructions.

The inclusion of flexible points-based scoring system helped to ensure consistency of measurement across all campaigns, brands, stores, agents and KPIs. This made it easy to identify trends and patterns across the business. To ensure complete flexibility in reporting, we embedded the ability to allow back-office users to define and store additional attributes for stores, products and agents. The ability to take in-store pictures and videos not only allowed the field agents to complement the data captured during the store visit but also highlight common pitfalls across stores.

The benefits

  • Simple, easy to use web and mobile software
  • Real-time reporting and monitoring of all store audits
  • Integrate with third party applications for auto-routing and assignment
  • Ability to import and link sales data for impact analysis
  • Export data into Excel for further analysis
  • Images and videos to support structured data collection